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Casagrand Spaceintell builds and operates multi-product warehousing and industrial parks with capabilities to provide value-added services on demand. We specialize in providing ‘Plug and Play’ warehousing and industrial facilities that can be tailored to specific requirements of the clients.

  • Acquisition

    Our in- house team of experts is well-versed in large acquisitions in warehousing, with our years of...

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  • Design

    Every development typically incorporates industry-leading features such as lofty roof heights, super flat floor...

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    • Land Acquisition

      With over 15 years experience

    • Engineering

      Committed to building aspirations

    • Procurement

      Unmatched expertise with a focus

    • Management

      Dedicated to delivering first-class

Our works

  • CASAGRAND Spaceintell
  • CASAGRAND Spaceintell
  • CASAGRAND Spaceintell
  • CASAGRAND Spaceintell
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Why choose us?

Casagrand Spaceintell has a proven track record in the development and management of industrial, office and build-to-suit projects. Thanks to our strong market presence, we provide you with the best care, advice and execution of your projects anywhere in Tamil Nadu. Our flexible financial structure and stable position in the industry helps us to adjust to the changes that are taking place on the market.
Casagrand Spaceintell has always been inspired by excellence, and its sustainability practices are no exception... Read more

Our Services

  • Land Acquisition
  • Built to Suit
  • Warehousing
  • Industrial Park Development


Founder & Managing Director, CASAGRAND
Arun MN

A first generation entrepreneur, Arun Mn is the Founder and Managing Director of CASAGRAND. He is a BE & MBA graduate who began his career... Read More

Motiram Prasad Kotpati

Motiram Prasad is the founder of Casagrand Distripark Private Limited incepted in 2014. Under his leadership the company has grown to... Read More

Chief Financial Officer

Rajneesh Jain has 20 Plus years of experience in finance with expertise in debt management, Assets sale, Financial processes & Systems... Read More

Director - COO
Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar is the Director – Chief Operating Officer at Casagrand Builder Private Limited. He holds a Masters in Commerce from Madras University... Read More

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